1. How do you choose among all the Realtors in Naples/Marco? It’s hard. I chose Jerry Oppenberg and I am glad I did! I do not live in Naples but wanted to buy in Naples. What Jerry brings to the table, beyond what all Realtors bring, is his thoroughness and his conscientiousness. To have a Realtor that is thinking about every piece of the transaction for you while you are a thousand miles away is rare. He made sure every step happened in a way that protected me and was in my best interest. He went above and beyond what I have ever had a Realtor do for me in all my years of buying. I can say that I now count Jerry Oppenberg as a friend.

    Jeri, I.                                                                                                                                                     
    Naples, Fl

  2. I used Jerry Oppenberg as my Realtor to sell my home in Fiddler’s Creek, Naples, Fl. I was really delighted with the amount of energy that he put into finding a buyer for my home. He regularly held open houses which brought in many people and even ran local newspaper ads. He got my house on tour with the local Realtor Association, bringing Realtors from all different companies. He also had a tour for Realtors from the local Keller Williams Realty office. We eventually received multiple offers and i got a price for my home above the listed price. He then found me another home to buy in a different development in Naples, The whole time I worked with Jerry he was extremely professional. I am extremely pleased with the experience and highly recommend Jerry for getting the job done.                                          

    Naples, Fl